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Lema'anchem |

Medical Consultation and Guidance

Lema'anchem – Maflee La'asot acts for thousands of patients in Israel who need guidance, second opinions and accompaniment through the road to getting proper medical treatment, but do not have the means. The organization provides professional counseling and guidance, which make the patients' complex journey simpler and friendlier, and advance them towards better medical solutions.   

Completely confidential

Free of charge

Around the clock availability

Professional services


 Yossi Erblich |

Chairman of the organization

Yossi Erblich, chairman of Lema'anchem – Maflee La’asot, is a public activist in the fields of medicine and medical counselling and guidance, and dedicates his life to serving others. After years of cultivating strong relationships with senior officials in the health system, and becoming thoroughly familiar with the Israeli health system, and with the help of renowned physicians and donors, he initiated Lema'anchem – Maflee La'asot, with the purpose of providing all who requires medical counselling services, free of charge and around the clock.  Read more


 Maflee La'asot, is here to provide you with the best and most professional counseling

The dedicated medical team of Lema'anchem |

Avraham Noson and Shoshana Fund

With the presidents, their sons Martin and Richard Scharf.

The Eliezer and Miriam Ohr Eliezer Fund

In memory of Rabbi Eliezer and Miriam Geller.

 Agnes and Beny Steinmetz foundation. 

We are honoured by the generous support.


Our partners |

The bodies and funds behind the success of the activity of Lema'anchem – Maflee La'asot

Articles and opinion columns

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school educational and rehabilitative

Lema’anchem |

The "Meshi-Lema’anchem" school is an educational and rehabilitative non-profit institution, under the auspices of Lema'anchem – Maflee La'asot and Meshi societies, intended to meet the needs of children with physical disabilities through educators, caregivers, physiotherapists, and more.

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