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| Ohr Eliezer Fund, named after Eliezer and Miriam

Partners for the Journey

For the success of Lema'anchem – Maflee La'asot in aiding thousands of patients in Israel receiving medical consultation, we are obliged to our partners in our journey: 'Avraham Noson and Shoshana Fund and 'Eliezer and Miriam Ohr Eliezer Fund', their support Is what allowed us to establish the professional staff and provide the best skilled services for the patients.


Ohr Eliezer Fund, named after Eliezer and Miriam

Rabbi Eliezer, one of the pillars of 'Etz Chaim' community, was the son of the chosid Rabbi Menachem Zvi, whose good deeds were known to all, and whose home was open to all thousands of Jews who were moving during the World War from Poland to Germany and France.

Rabbi Eliezer has spent all his life practicing charity, he voluntarily managed the umbrella organization of the chareidi community "Etz Chaim" for forty years, as well as volunteering in Chevra Kadisha and becoming one of its directors. During World War II, he was and activist and officer in the French Resistance and risked his life saving many families and moving them to Switzerland. In those days, he sanctified the Name of Heaven by observing the mitzvos, and the period after the war, while earning a living from a furniture trading house, he was the only one closing on Shabbos. Eliezer was known for his honesty and respect for others in all his activities.

The Avraham Noson and Shoshana Fund and the Eliezer and Miriam Ohr Eliezer Fund operate from the USA and are behind the activity of Maflee La'asot society, which acts extensively for the People of Israel, as well as behind the activity of Lema'anchem – Maflee La'asot.


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