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 Yossi Erblich |

Chairman of the Association


yossi Erblich, chairman of Lema'anchem – Maflee La’asot, lives in Bnei Brak, is married and a father of 6 children.

Years of working closely with senior officials in the Israeli Ministry of Health, and establishing good relationships with hospital directors and key figures in the field, have made yossi Erblich one of the most important personalities in Israel and worldwide in the field of medical guidance. Throughout his career, yossi Erblich fostered a great deal of affection for the healthcare industry and expressed a desire to explore more and deepen his knowledge, in order to help as many patients as possible in Israel receive better care. However, there was one event that pushed him to medical counselling, when his uncle, the Admor from Pinsk-Karlin became ill and needed complex surgery. yossi Erblich, who took over the handling of his uncle's medical file, was immediately drawn into the field and began acting for other patients.

In the early years, yossi Erblich had not yet established his activities and his work passed by word of mouth. In those years, more and more patients sought to obtain a second opinion or assistance with medical diagnosis, and as the demand grew, it became difficult to help all applicants and many remained with no response. yossi Erblich saw the condition created and it pained him. He sought to create a reliable center which would include the best physicians, so that all guidance, medical file analysis or other counseling would be given only after the society's physicians were involved in the case. yossi Erblich decided to formalize his services and thus Lema'anchem – Maflee La'asot was born.

The idea behind Lema'anchem – Maflee La'asot is to provide professional counseling that works closely with medical staff without any cost, while providing pleasant and courteous service. To that end, he has recruited high-ranking professionals including hospital directors and renowned professors with whom he has made contacts over the years, while at the same time training other medical counselors to provide the quickest response possible. yossi Erblich also decided to set up a team of "reserve" physicians who would volunteer on a free time basis to handle complex cases that require the eyes of experts in specific fields. About 70 physicians from around the country and the world have expressed their willingness to help this system.

yossi Erblich believes that the broader the knowledge about the treatments, tests and physicians, the better the counseling provided, so he makes sure to go week by week to tour the Israeli hospital departments, get to know the people involved and abilities of each department and department, learn who has the most appropriate technologies, the best skills, who currently is overbooked and who is available, who has better access to the elderly population, who is more available to treat diabetic patients, and what world-renowned expert is arriving where, and may help any of the patients contacting the society. And while in Israel, there are a number of specialists who are considered authorities In their field, the queues for those experts are getting longer and longer, and at the same time there are many young, talented and good physicians, and often very experienced ones, who are lesser-known. yossi Erblich looks for those specialists so that patients can also be referred to them, thus helping patients get the best and fastest medical response, while at the same time reducing the load placed on these renowned physicians and on the health system in general.

In addition to serving as chairman of Lema'anchem – Maflee La'asot, yossi Erblich is working for other sectors of the healthcare system and in the past year initiated the first central-area branch of the longstanding Jerusalem establishment, Meshi. The Meshi establishment has been running for over 20 years, providing educational and rehabilitative services for children with disabilities from the age of 6 months to the age of 21. The great demand from families of children with disabilities, and the difficulty of families residing in areas distant from Jerusalem to commute to the educational framework, led to the establishment of the first Meshi school outside of Jerusalem in collaboration with Lema'anchem – Maflee La'asot. In school year 2020, Grade 1 students began their studies at the new school in Bnei Brak, which includes educators specializing in special education alongside a therapy and rehabilitation team, psychologists, physiotherapists and more.



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