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school educational and rehabilitative

Meshi is an educational and rehabilitative non-profit institution intended to meet the needs of children with physical disabilities through rehabilitative day care centers for toddlers aged six months to 3 years. The first branch of the Meshi institution outside of Jerusalem opened this year, in school year 2020, with partnership of Meshi and Lema'anchem – Maflee La'asot.    

Meshi-Lema'anchem Founders:

The brothers Martin and Richard, in memory of their father, Noson, and their Mother, Shoshana, OBM

Avraham, a holocaust survivor, immigrated at the end of the war with his brother to the USA, where he established a real estate empire. Avraham and his brother, who have experienced first-hand the cruelty of the Nazis, worked their entire lives for good deeds and charity, and Avraham made sure he passed on the legacy unto his sons. When he passed away, on Yom Kippur, his wife and sons decided to continue his way, both by commemorating the holocaust and by their contribution to the Jewish people worldwide. After a few years, when Mrs. Shoshana, OBM, passed away, her sons decided to establish the school for the benefit of those children who had no appropriate schooling establishment in the central Israel area.

Ohr Eliezer Fund, named after Eliezer and Miriam

Rabbi Eliezer, one of the pillars of 'Etz Chaim' community, was the son of the chosid Rabbi Menachem Zvi, whose good deeds were known to all, and whose home was open to all thousands of Jews who were moving during the World War from Poland to Germany and France.

Rabbi Eliezer has spent all his life practicing charity, he voluntarily managed the umbrella organization of the chareidi community "Etz Chaim" for forty years, as well as volunteering in Chevra Kadisha and becoming one of its heads. During World War II, he was and activist and officer in the French Resistance and risked his life saving many families and moving them to Switzerland. In those days, he sanctified the Name of Heaven by observing the mitzvos. In the period after the war, while earning a living from a furniture trading house, he was the only one closing on Shabbos. Eliezer was known for his honesty and respect for others in all his activities. His wife Miriam, OBM, stood by her husband's side with great dedication for many years and assisted members of the community who were sick or in need.    

Today Meshi is the largest rehabilitative framework in Israel for children with physical disabilities, and it treats approximately 250 students throughout the country. Each of Meshi's institutions has programs for rehabilitation of children with physical disabilities, including motor rehabilitation, use of supporting and alternative communication methods and assisting technology. The staff includes physicians, caregivers, physiotherapists, teachers, teaching assistants, etc. Each child receives a complete basket of therapies for the purpose of their rehabilitation, in physical, mental, emotional, cognitive, educational and social aspects.

About a year ago, the Director of Meshi, Rabbi Zoribin, contacted Rabbi Yossi Yossi Erblich with a proposal of establishing an additional school in the center of Israel, to meet the needs of children with severe physical disabilities who, until now, have had to commute to Jerusalem every morning to benefit from the dedicated care in Meshi. The new school, with partnership of Meshi and Lema'anchem – Maflee La'asot, opened its gates this year to its first 18 students, and next year will already include 35 students. The new school is operating in the same design as the Meshi institutions in Jerusalem, and its young students receive full pedagogical, medical and healthcare treatment, suited to their needs.

The vision of Avraham Noson and Shoshana, OBM, and of Eliezer and Miriam, OBM, is the guideline followed by Meshi-Lema'anchem – to provide every child with the therapy program they deserve according to their needs, in order to allow them to wholly make use of their abilities, thus allowing children with severe physical disabilities have a better future.


The school is located on 22 Barukh Hirsch Street in Bnei Brak.


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