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Partners for the Journey

For the success of Lema'anchem – Maflee La'asot in aiding thousands of patients in Israel receiving medical consultation, we are obliged to our partners in our journey: 'Avraham Noson and Shoshana Fund and 'Eliezer and Miriam Ohr Eliezer Fund', their support Is what allowed us to establish the professional staff and provide the best skilled services for the patients.


Avraham Noson and Shoshana Fund

The 'Avraham Noson and Shoshana' fund was founded by brothers Martin and Richard Scharf and their mother Shoshana Scharf, in memory of their father, Avraham. Avraham, a holocaust survivor, immigrated at the end of the war with his brother to the USA, where he established a real estate empire. Avraham and his brother, who have experienced first-hand the cruelty of the Nazis, worked their entire lives for good deeds and charity, and Avraham made sure he passed on the legacy unto his sons. When he passed away, on Yom Kippur, his wife and sons decided to continue his way, both by commemorating the holocaust and by their contribution to the Jewish people worldwide.


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