Framework for youth-at-risk

This framework was set up for children of new immigrants (mainly from France) who after their aliya were confronted by the huge differences in religious education between France and Israel. They are unable to integrate into regular chareidi institutions in Israel, and as a result many end up on the street and deteriorate spiritually. The assistance given to these youths include a system of Big Brothers, a telephone hotline and a committee that instructs teachers in the subjects and topics these children should be taught which are not taught in regular schools. From time to time, respected rabbis and lecturers visit the youths, and talk with them about their studies and other subjects to strengthen their feeling of belonging. The youths also get hours of activities, summer camps, subsidized trips and encouragement.

Framework for youth-at-risk
Marital counseling for young couples
Financing medical diagnoses and therapy
Holiday assistance
A home
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L’ma’anchem’s medical branch

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