L’ma’anchem’s medical branch

Towards Recovery

L’ma’anchem’s medical branch is the pride of our organization’s public activities. The director of the branch is Rabbi Yosef Erblich, the organization chairman who has over 20 years experience in medical counseling and is a well known figure to senior medical policy-setters, hospital directors, doctors and surgeons in Israel and around the world.
This branch was set up to reach those places where assistance was otherwise unavailable. The situation today is that thousands of patients in Israel are desperate for counseling and guidance, an additional opinion, or assistance in overcoming Israeli bureaucracy, but are unacquainted with the relevant medical channels or are simply lacking information. Those experts who are able to help are few and usually too inundated to be easily accessible.
For this reason, L’ma’anchem decided to prepare the next generation of counselors and compile an orderly database of them. As part of their training, these counselors learn how to deal with the medical bureaucracy and acquire tools to advise the patients and form ties with prominent medical entities. Their goal is to provide a professional solution and guidance to the patients and their family so they can understand their test results, know to which experts in each field to turn, and to ease their difficult reality.
To carry out this vital mission, the heads of L’ma’anchem go on regular tours of hospitals in Israel and around the world to learn up close about the changes and updates and to maintain good relations with their medical system. The medical branch maintains ongoing cooperating with other organizations helping sick children and the disabled, and even donates to special initiatives helping them.
The results are striking: patients who were helped by our organization’s counselors do not have to wait long to get information or replies to their questions. They benefit from close follow-up and accompaniment, and part of their mental and practical burdens caused by their illness are taken off their shoulders. It is unnecessary to add that the counseling and guidance given by the medical branch is discrete and upholds the patient’s privacy.

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