Avraham Noson and Shoshana Fund
A cornerstone of L’ma’anchem.

L’ma’anchem’s vital activities rest on the generosity of the Avraham Noson and Shoshana Scharf Fund.
Avraham and his brother were sent to a concentration camp and experienced all the horrors of the Holocaust on their flesh. At the end of the war, they both went to the U.S. where Avraham established a flourishing real estate empire. The evil which they had confronted in their youth strengthened their desire to increase good in the world. When they realized the proportions of poverty and unemployment around them, they resolved to ensure that no Jewish home would be unable to celebrate a holiday because of economic distress.
All throughout his life, Avraham told his children that he hadn’t survived the Holocaust for no purpose. G-d had left him alive, he said, to give him the role to perpetuate the memory of the Holocaust and ensure it wouldn’t happen again. After he passed away on the holy day of Yom Kippur, his wife Shoshana and their children decided to continue his life’s work. Until today, they do advocacy for the remembrance of the Holocaust.
His children Martin, Melody, Richard and Diana are in the presidium of the Fund.